Bestrex – We share success with you

We share success with you

A next-generation digital asset platform working to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and the real economy.


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Bestrex Exchange

An ideal place to buy and sell BTC, ETH, BTX, and many other altcoins.

Trade a variety of digital assets on a simple, fast, and secure platform.


High liquidity


24/7 working


Low trading fee

Bestrex BO

Bestrex BO offers a simple financial trading platform in which investors make a profit by predicting an asset's uptrend or decrease over a given period of time. Correct move prediction, the system pays 95% of the profit to the investor.

  • $10,000 demo account
  • Fast capital turnaround time in 1 minute
  • Trade fast with $ 10 capital and easily make 95% profit
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Bestrex Staking

With many years of research and development, we have launched the AutoBot Trade Forex system with high and stable profitability. From here, we have integrated the BotTrade system into the ecosystem of BESTREX to bring profits and look forward to sharing opportunities for cooperation with investors. In the Stacking system, investors only need to invest and follow the BOT Trade system to generate profit and receive monthly shares.

  • The investment funds is managed by the investors
  • The automated trading system brings a profit of 50-70% per month
  • Share profits with customers up to 20% of the profits earned

Bestrex Casino

Use cryptocurrency to play games. Deposit and withdrawal are available in BTC or altcoins.

Bestrex Shopping

In BESTREX system, shopping is a very important system. This will be an e-commerce site, connecting the essential products and services in life. As an E-trading site similar to Amazon, Alibaba, … investors who own BTX can buy products on BESTREX’s e-commerce website. In addition to owning BTX, investors can also use in services such as restaurants, hotels, …. In our system.